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Today’s Bags Collections : 15/5/2024

*Fashionable Laptopbag/Office Bag For unisex*


Material:- Pu Leather

Size:-12×16 Inch LxH

One Main Compartment 

One Pocket At Backside

One Pocket At Frontside

One Pocket At Inside

Laptop Pocket 

Wrist Handle 2

Strap Long Belt Removable Hook 🪝 

It has a separate cushioned sleeve to protect your laptop.It is a practical business messenger bag both for men and women. Perfect for carrying laptops, notebook, files and essential accessories while working or travel. A very popular bag among professional and office executives. It can also be used as a crossbody bag.



*Ikkat Beautiful Designs Shoulder/ Hand bag For Women And Girls*





18x6x14 Inch LxBxH


One Large


One( Inside)

One (Backside)

*Wrist Handle*




*Extra Features*

Both side Magnetic Snap Closure

One Pocket Attached In Front Handle

*Bag Carry*




*New Latest potli Indian Fashion For Women And Girls*


Material:- Cloth with sequence work

Size:- 9x3x7 Inch (LxBxH)

One Main compartment 

Wrist Handle with pearls

Closure Magnetic Snap


Traditional Look👌👌



Product weight:-300 gram


*Denim / Jean Handbag/ Shoulder Bag For Women And Girls*


Material:- Jeans

Size:- 15×4.5×11 Inch LxBxH

One Main Compartment 

One Pocket At Inside

laptop Pocket At Inside

Wrist Handle 2

Strap Long Belt

Use:- Hand-held

/ Shoulder 


*Price:- 600+Shipping*

*Three Peice Combo Sling Bag,Coin Pouch and Card Holder*


*Sling Bag*

Material:- Ikkat

Size:- 12x3x8 Inch LxBxH

Two Main Compartment

One Pocket At Backside

Wrist Handle Circle Ring ⭕️ 

Closure Zipper

Strap Long Belt

*Card Holder*

Material:- Ikkat

Size:- 8×4 Inch LxH

One Main Compartment 

One Pocket At Backside

Card Slots Inside 

*Coin Pouch*

Material :- Ikkat

Size:- 4.5×3 Inch LxH

One Maim Compartment 

Removable Hook 🪝 

Use Any Bag😇



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